Welcome to the home page of the Complex Fluids Group. We are a diverse group of people with backgrounds in engineering, physics, chemistry and applied mathematics. Most problems we study lie in the broad space of the dynamics of complex fluids. We have activities built around multiphase flows, colloid science, physical chemistry, biophysics, and physicochemical hydrodynamics more generally.

With this perspective we actively study problems involving flow of thin fluid films, model problems inspired by hemodynamics, colloidal structuring of interfaces, and microfluidics, to name just a few. We use experiments, simulations, and modeling to quantitatively characterize problems and to explore new research directions. Whenever possible, we actively collaborate with industry and scientists and engineers from many disciplines. For example, some of our research has been motivated (and sponsored) by industrial applications of home and personal care products, oil-field services, fiber coating, float-glass manufacturing, and medical/clinical applications.

We enjoy new challenges and collaborations. Feel free to visit us, either in person or on the web.